About me


I am currently working as an AI ethicist at the Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning” at the University of Tübingen. As a lecturer, I teach at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, among others. In addition, I am a visiting scholar at UC San Diego. I studied various humanities subjects before receiving my doctorate on a topic in social philosophy. I am the author of numerous articles, peer-reviewed papers, and nonfiction books. My most important works are relevant for the field of AI ethics. As a speaker and interview partner, I have also had appearances at re:publica, science slams, at various companies, at German media such as SWR, WDR, HR, Deutschlandradio, Technology Review, and many others.


I’ve been a competitive cyclist since I my teenage years. In addition to race wins on the road and in mountainbike marathons, I like ultra bikemarathons. Since the 2019 season, I have been racing for Elisabeth Brandau’s EBE Racing Team. In 2021 I achieved the 12-hour altitude world record. If you want to follow me on Strava, click here.


Mountaineering has offered me many great experiences and adventures. Among my greatest achievements are free solo summits on mountains like Girenspitz, Himmelhorn, Sächsmoor, or Höfats on difficult climbing routes.